SCS013: Describing Pizza, with Joshua Richards

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This week, we talk about our amazing experience at NaNoCon 2017. We had a great time, and we met some amazing people. We were introduced to several great podcasters, whose shows are linked below, so go check them out!!! Tell ’em SCS sent you.
Then, we have a wonderful conversation with Joshua Richards about his life as a christian, and now as a humanist “preacher.” We also got to hear an awesome story involving hallucinogens and pizza! Check it out, then go leave us a review!


Nashville Nones!

The Podunk Polymath Podcast

Zachrilege Cast

Atheist in the Trailer Park

Not Another Atheist Podcast

Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast

JRR Talking



SCS012: Lexi, Brian, and the Half-Assed Episode

On this episode, we discuss a couple news stories, then we bullshit the rest of the episode. As we are still in the process of getting everything in order in our new house, we have had very little time to prepare for the show. Fear not though, for we shall return with amazing content in about a week!


Nashville Nones!


ReAsonCon3, 2017




SCS011: Toys in the Bedroom – Sex After Faith

We talk about how religion has affected us personally, when it comes to sex. Religion can totally distort our perception of ourselves in many ways, including as sexual people. We explore how it made us think and how we’re overcoming it.

For anyone looking for a non-religious therapist, check out the Secular Therapist Project:


SCS008: They Want Us to Apologize

This week we had a shorter episode, due to some scheduling conflicts, and we had to put it together last-minute. However, we talk about Tweedle-Alex-Jones and Tweedle-Trump, as well as some other clips from Right Wing Watch. Lexi gives her list of ridiculous shit in the story of Noah, and then we close out the episode with another song from our favorite local band!

Aron Ra for Texas Senate:

Unholy Bible Study:
Request to join, and someone will add you.

Trump and Alex Jones Conspiracy Theories

Donald Trump Keeps Pushing Alex Jones’ Conspiracy Theories

Jim Bakker: Trump Protestors are “demon-possessed”

Jim Bakker: Trump Protesters Are ‘Demon-Possessed’

Closing Song:
“Paranoid Cage” by Subconscious


SCS007: Religious Regret

In this episode, we talk about the regret of things said and done in the name of religion. It gets a bit emotional for Brian as he speaks about his life as a youth pastor. He shares the stories from that time in his life as well as stories from his time in high school. Brian shares his biggest regrets and gives heartfelt apologies to those he feels deserve them. Religion never seemed so damning.

Atheists Helping the Homeless – Amazon Wishlist:

Closing Song:
“Bring Back the Sun”
Lexi Whittenburg (Written by Brian Sipsy)


SCS006: Wandering Conversation with Dr. Gene Mesco

We sit down and talk with Dr. Gene Mesco, a biology professor at a local college. We had a conversation stemming from the concept of prayer and meditation. We didn’t stay strictly on topic, but let the conversation go wherever felt natural.
Let us know if you have any questions or comments for Dr. Mesco!


SCS005: Co-Parenting… Like a BOSS!

This week, we sit down with our co-parenting partners, Michelle Haines and Jake Harris. They are the mother and soon-to-be step-father of our children, and we give you a look into what it’s like to co-parent for us. We laugh, we cry, but most importantly, we show what it takes for us to have a great co-parenting relationship.

Be sure to follow @thechelle218 and @jakethesith, and check out their Star Wars Podcast, Kamino Radio @kmnoradio.


SCS004: Because Demons

***This Episode is slightly shorter due to testing a new editing workflow.***
Glen Beck blames the Chicago beating of a disabled man on BLM. Janet Porter wants to make abortions illegal by the time the mother knows she’s pregnant. Gordon Klingenschmitt says gay men should be disqualified from teaching positions because they like it in the ass. Some less-than-million number of women plan to march on Chattanooga. Local music spotlight: Subkonscious.

Glen Beck statement: His Twitter…

Heartbeat Bill:

Gay Teachers:

Women’s March on Chattanooga
Search for the event on Facebook. You can also contact Candy Janish on Facebook for more info.

Local Music Spotlight:
“Pretty Face” by Subkonscious on their album, “Contagious”
Find them on Facebook for more info.