SCS023: The Truth! with Gleb Tsipursky – LIVE

This week, Lexi isn’t feeling so well, so Brian and Gleb will tackle the issue of false information and the Pro-Truth Pledge.

Pro-Truth Pledge

And as usual:




SCS021: You Can Call Me Faithless – LIVE with…

This week we are following up our last episode with an interview we did with Dustin Williams, of the Atheist Nomads Podcast, that we didn’t get to include as well as our guest, Brigid Fitch who has dealt with repercussions from her family because of her lack of faith.

We finally have some more details on Secular Saturday! Here they are:
Secular Saturday Convention
July 22, 2017 @ Brainerd United Methodist Church
Secular Saturday is a convention aimed at social-progressives and free thinkers of all strides. It is an opportunity to meet, learn from, and network with like-minded people and groups.
The Keynote speaker will be Mandisa Thomas, president of Black Non-Believers.
There will be a podcaster panel, featuring hosts from
No Religion Required
Scenic City Skeptic
The Podunk Polymath Podcast
Atheist in the Trailer Park
Not Another Atheist Podcast
Everyone’s Agnostic
Inter-Faith Panel of Chattanooga
Q&A Session, where you can ask questions of representatives of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, and Atheism
More guests and workshops to be announced.
Depending on how many tickets are sold, there may be an after party. Details and ticket availability to be announced.
Tickets for the convention are available now at only $30 per person, and includes admission to the convention and a catered lunch. Sponsorships and vendor spaces are available as well. For more information or to purchase your convention tickets, go to

Atheists Helping the Homeless Chattanooga
Giveaway: May 21, 2017 – Downtown Chattanooga, across from the Community Kitchen
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Holy CRAP! The VlogCast (Brigid Fitch’s Podcast)

Between the Wheels Blog (Brigid Fitch)

Atheist Nomads (Dustin Williams’ Podcast)


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SCS020: I’ve Lost My Faith, Now My Family is…

This episode, we will be talking about dealing with religious family members after walking away from our faith. Sometimes they do and say hurtful things, with or without meaning it. We are joined by Scott Smith of the Recovering from Religion Podcast, to discuss these things, as well as ways we can deal with them and where to find support.

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Recovering from Religion:
You can find links here to donate, volunteer, or listen to the podcast. You can also speak to an agent if you need someone to talk to. If you prefer a phone call, call them at 1-84-I-DOUBT-IT

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“Don’t Pray”
Written and performed by Brian Sipsy and Lexi Whittenburg


SCS019: Shiny New Vaginas! – with Callie Wright and…

This week we talk to Callie Wright and her fiancé Celes Dreyer. We address some questions about gender identity that we had, along with some that we hear pretty often. We had a great time talking to them and we think you’ll enjoy the conversation as well!

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SCS017: For Pete’s Sake – LIVE

This week, we will be talking about the origins of many of the common phrases we use, and how they have roots in the bible. We will also discuss the recent Facebook Killing on easter Sunday.

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SCS016: Get Your Shit Together! – LIVE

This week, we are talking about the problems with debating people on Facebook, and how it gets out of hand. This week we have no links, just personal observations.

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SCS015: What the F*CK?! – LIVE

This is our first LIVE episode! We will be covering a few news articles as well as letting of some steam about things that just grind our gears.
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Syrian Video – Kids Gassed

Pat Robertson – MS

Pat Robertson: Multiple Sclerosis Is ‘Demonic’ And Can Be Healed Once Rebuked

Pastor Rick Joyner – Trump Derangement Syndrome

Rick Joyner: The Left Is Having ‘Panic Attacks’ Because Their ‘Unbelievable Corruption Is Being Uncovered’ By Trump

Theodore Shoebat – Kill the Gays **Currently Down**

Theodore Shoebat: Gay People Are ‘A Vehicle For The Demons’ And Must Be Put To Death


SCS014: It’s Not the 40’s Anymore! – Religion in…

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This episode, we discuss religion in the workplace, including some of our personal experiences with the matter. We talk about how, although we work for the same company, our ability to discuss religion and politics are polar opposites.

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PS: thanks a million to Callie Wright for some audio tips that made my life way easier and your listening experience so much better!