SCS033 – “I’ll Pray for You”

Tonight, Lexi and Brian speak on how religious people react in times of disaster or crisis, and how it affects nonbelievers. Is it genuine, or are they just trying to get to heaven?

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SCS032: Don’t Stare Directly Into This Episode

This week we recount a fun weekend away with some friends, then we dive into the amazing eclipse that we experienced this week. We will also be discussing some pretty cool scientific discoveries that were made possible by solar eclipses in the past.

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SCS031: Missing Milestones – Coping with Non-Custodial Parenting

This week we’ll be discussing the difficulty that comes with being a non-custodial parent. Sometimes you aren’t able to be there for important milestones for your child(ren), and that can be pretty painful. This has been a real struggle this week, as it’s back to school time, and missing things like the first day can be heartbreaking. This episode goes out to anybody who has had to experience this pain.

Scenic City Skeptic is now a part of Atheist Alliance of America! We’ll also be discussing what that means for us and for our listeners.


SCS030: The Jerusalem Cruiser, Man or Myth? with Matt…

This week we are joined by Matt Kovacs to discuss the historicity of Jesus. Also, Brian will give a review of the latest Nickelback album.

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SCS029: Secular Summary – with Zachrilege Cast

This week, we’re joined by Zach Law of the Zachrilege Cast. We’re talking about our experience at Secular Saturday, and we’ll talk a little about our engagement!

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SCS028: We Have Standards – with Seth Andrews

This week, we are talking to Seth Andrews about the responsibility that comes with being a public figure. Sometimes, we get some pretty intimate and personal stories, and it can feel like we have a higher level of responsibility, and that we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard.




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SCS025: Femi-Naz-Your-Father’s Day

This episode is basically each of us ranting about something that has really grinded our gears this week. For Lexi, it’s women who claim to be feminist, but take it way too far and totally miss the point of feminism. For Brian, it’s people who say that single mothers shouldn’t be celebrated on Father’s Day, just because they’re not men.

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SCS024: Stop! In the Name of the Lord –…

This week we discuss Alabama SB193. This bill seeks to allow Briarwood Presbyterian Church to employ their own police force, with all the priveleges and powers of regular police officers. We will talk with Andrew about the implications this could have as well as some issues that could arise from a church-run police force.

Also, we have some more details for Secular Saturday available.
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Andrew Torrez – Opening Arguments Podcast

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